Cleopatra’s positive attitude is first and foremost what makes her so successful in her profession

Eugenia & Argeri

Cleopatra is a godsend to brides! Because of her, our wedding in Kefalonia, which consisted of 300 guests (175 of whom came from abroad), went off without glitches. We simply couldn’t have done it without this selfless, caring, amazing human being! It’s worth noting that at the outset, I didn’t think I needed a wedding coordinator. My father is from Kefalonia and I’ve been there several times, and thus I figured I could navigate most of the process on my own. I’m also the type who thinks she can DIY anything, so I was reluctant to take the plunge to hire a coordinator. But just a few weeks into it, I realized I was in over my head and needed to call for reinforcements! And I’m SO happy I did! Cleopatra’s positive attitude is first and foremost what makes her so successful in her profession. Throughout the months of working together and the days leading up to the actual wedding, she was consistently patient and reassuring. There were times where circumstances made it such that we had to modify plans, and she remained cool and collected the entire way. Because much of the planning took place while I was in the U.S., we conversed a good amount over email and Skype calls. Her response times never faltered, and her ease in working in English made it especially easy. Our non-Greek speaking guests really appreciated that they could go up to her or her staff and be pointed in the right direction. Her breadth of services were many: Cleopatra helped us arrange a boat cruise and beach BBQ for our guests, a massive rehearsal dinner (which was a mini wedding in and of itself), transportation to and from all events, musical entertainment, a stunningly beautiful photo booth, the paperwork for our religious ceremony, and so much more! Words fail me in capturing just how much I appreciate Cleopatra and all she did to make our wedding a success. If you are considering getting married in Kefalonia or any of the surrounding islands, you need not think twice! With Cleopatra, you’re in the best of hands.


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