Cleopatra will make your dream a reality

Francis & Eli

The moment that I got engaged I made a quick decision to get married in Kefalonia. With its sparkling -blue waters and beautiful mountains I knew this was the place for my special day. My family has roots there but I live in Miami, Florida so I did not know where to begin. I simply did a google search for Kefalonia wedding planners and Cleopatra’s webpage popped up. I was ecstatic! Her website was fresh, modern, and clean and she had a plethora of reviews and photos. I read through every word of her website and even her blog and came to the decision to hire her. My parents were already visiting Kefalonia in the winter so I made an appointment for them to meet and Cleopatra happily did so. My parents texted me and told me that I made a great choice in hiring Cleopatra for my wedding planning in Kefalonia. From the very beginning Cleopatra was always attentive to my questions. She is not pushy at all and does not make you buy things you don’t want nor need. She never took longer than 2 business days to answer back an email which gave me so much confidence in her. She is a very trusting person from the moment you begin the planning with her. She has a lot of creative ideas and knows todays styles very well. I simply sent her everything I wished for my wedding and they all came to reality on May 21, 2019. On the wedding day I looked around with my now husband and couldn’t believe how beautiful my wedding was. From the venue, to the decorations, she understood exactly my vision for my wedding. The best part of all, was that she and her team are so friendly that they even joined us for some Greek dancing during the wedding. Cleopatra and her team are truly one-of-a-kind. We gave ourselves and our guests a fairytale experience and they were all so amazed at the quality of food and drinks that were served as well. The best part of all was the fireworks towards the end of the night. I can say my wedding was truly magical and there is nothing that I would change about it. If you are like me, it is hard to give up control especially being in another country and someone planning your most special day in your life. But trust that Cleopatra will make your dream a reality. Cleopatra and team we thank you for giving us the most special day of our lives!


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