Cleopatra’s bridal shower

Well, it was about time your wedding planner to get married!

After being many years together with my boyfriend, he decided to propose!

Being totally unsuspecting, he drove me in the entrance of the castle of Saint George in Kefalonia and he asked me under the moonlight : would you like to be my queen and write together our own fairytale? Will you marry me?

In case you are thinking how i reacted, the truth is i was laughting and crying at the same time!

Stress came later, as i was realizing that i am going to plan my own wedding!OMG! Bridezella is here! haha!

First step was to organize my bridal shower. Thanks to my best friends we created a memorable bridal shower!

Concept color was pink-gold.

We had homemade muffins, pop corns, chocolate cake pops, donuts and a cake with lemon-vanilla flavor (my favourite!). All made by the excellent cake designer “Two cherries on a cake”

Next step wedding preparations !

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