Bridal hair care tips: how to prep for the wedding day



You are counting down to your big day and ticking off your checklist, and I’m sure your hair is right up there with your top priorities. You want your locks to look perfect, so putting some effort in now will pay dividends in the long run.


I’d like to share a few hair care tips with you, so you can feel confident you’ve prepped your crowning glory in the best possible way.


  1. Select your stylist first


 First of all, you want to find a stylish you trust. Putting one of the most important days of your life in the hands of professionals is such a smart move.

I work with so many brides that stick with the stylist they’ve always had, but you could also try out someone new based off of recommendations. Do this early enough in the process, and you’ve got plenty of time to discover whether they’re a good fit for you or not.



  1. Choose your style


Before we delve into my top pre-wedding hair care tips, let’s pause for a moment on your next move: deciding your style. This is such a fun stage in the planning!


It’s exciting to try out different looks, but it’s worth settling on your favorite early on. That way you’ll know how to tailor your pre-wedding prep to work for your specific style. Get inspiration from magazines and Pinterest and take your ideas to your stylist. He or she will be able to advise you too.






  1. Book in your appointments


Now that you know who will be styling your hair and what look you’re going for, you can schedule in all of your appointments leading up to the big day. That way you won’t have any last minute stresses about not being able to get seen when you need to.

In addition to trial runs, you’ll want to book in for regular trims too. This is one of my most important hair care tips. Something as simple as removing split ends will make the world of difference to the quality of your hair.


  1. Start treating your hairearly


Begin at least six months beforeyour big day if possible, and really indulge your hair in the most wonderful treatments. Taking a bit of pamper time is a great stress-buster for you too in the hectic lead up to the wedding!

You can do these at home or go to the salon, whatever works best for your budget and lifestyle. Regular deep conditioning treatments and hair masks are perfect ways to keep your hair nourished.



  1. Avoid drastic changes


Sure, you might have always wanted to try bangs, but just before your wedding is not the time to experiment! If you want to consider different looks, do this way in advance, and try to avoid any drastic changes. Things like totally switching up your color or length could lead to tears before bedtime.


The same goes for brand new products and treatments. Your hair might not respond well to radical changes. It can be better to work with what you’ve got, pamper your hair and enhance your regular look.

Put these hair care tips into place and you can look forward to fabulous wedding hair on the big day!



your planner,

Cleopatra Niforatou

Wedding and Event Manager at Cleopatra’s Weddings

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